I’m honored that Governor Greg Abbott appointed me to serve as Judge of the Collin County 470th Judicial District Court, and ask for the opportunity to continue serving you in this position of trust.”


Justice, Integrity, Experience

- Elect Brook Fulks for Judge

We are proud to present Brook Fulks as the Republican candidate for Judge of the 470th District Court. With a proven track record of excellence, unwavering commitment to justice, and a passion for serving the community, Brook Fulks is the candidate who will bring a fresh perspective to the bench.

Why Brook Fulks?

Brook Fulks embodies the qualities that make an exceptional judge. With a deep understanding of the law, gained through years of experience in legal practice, Brook possesses the expertise necessary to make well-informed and fair decisions. As a dedicated member of the Republican Party, Brook also understands the importance of upholding conservative values and ensuring that the principles that make our society strong are protected.